Matthew here. Please try not to make too big of a mess :).

I am a Canadian machine learning researcher currently living in London, England.

By day, I am a research engineer at Google DeepMind, working on Really Cool Stuff™ in deep reinforcement learning. I also have quite a bit of experience in embedded systems, robotics, and electronics design. Please feel free to take a look at my resume for more information, though I am not currently interested in pursuing additional opportunities.

By night, I am a

  • FAA and Transport Canada licensed private pilot always looking for new adventures to go on with my amazing friends
  • Chess player active on the Free Internet Chess Server, who REALLY likes King’s Gambit
  • Judoka – person who practices Judo, a Japanese grappling martial art similar to wrestling… but with a bit more class
  • Classical musician. Nowadays trying to switch to string with the viola. Hoping I’ll be good enough on the viola to join an orchestra again soon!
  • Beginning SCUBA diver training with the Imperial College Underwater Club – they are amazing!
  • Musical lover on a quest to watch all musicals on West End in a year. See my reviews on Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, Matilda, Les Misérables, and many others once I get off my lazy bum and actually finish writing them
  • Quoran. I specialize in writing wtf answers to wtf questions. Though I do occasionally write serious answers as well.
  • Beginning archer with the Imperial College Archery Club. Yet to qualify for any competition that requires a qualification score. I guess 213/600 on a Portsmouth round is not very impressive!
  • Armchair psychologist, primarily in social and clinical psychology
  • Feminist
  • Electronics tinkerer and maker. Recently separated from my 3D printer :’(.
  • Part time book worm
  • Recovering video game addict
  • Chronic night owl
  • Devout follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Loud, awkward ninja. Cookies for you if you get the reference! (No cash value, restrictions apply, see small print for detail) *you have very good eyesight! or you copy and pasted, in which case, cheater!