Hello world!

This is the legendary first post. The one that I will come back after twenty years and say “wow, time flies”. Hopefully.

WordPress! Seeing someone’s new WordPress (you know who you are) recently, I have decided to start my own that I have been dreaming about since I don’t remember when.

Before you praise me for my originality =P, I am using the theme Blix from http://themecorp.com/themes/blixed/ (Thanks for the great theme!). I editted the CSS a bit to fine-tune it to my liking. Frankly, it doesn’t look any better than the original, but since I’ve done it already…

Oh, and in case you are wondering, I am a less than half-decent self-proclaimed web designer :). Haha btw, I really feel sorry for whoever is going to maintain our school’s website next year (Programming 12 class?). It’s one of the ugliest codes I have ever written =D.

Anyone wants to join WordPress? =D. I have gotten sick of Facebook lately. I take it as a sign that I am getting old :).

Now back to the Real Life(R). Valedictory was days ago. I actually felt sad. Not sad because I will miss you people. Sad because I know most of you will be erased from my memory in one or two years to come (maybe not even that). When we are all in one school, at least there are the occassional bumping-into-peoples that reminded me of people that I don’t usually talk to or really know. Oh well, life goes on :).

2 more weeks before going back to Taiwan. Last year I pretty much swam all day, played some ping-pong, ate more than enough bananas and not much else. Pretty sad actually. I only remember a few of my friends from my elementary school (finished it in Taiwan). (proof of my forget-after-1-year theorem)

BTW, am I the only one going to UBC Engineering next year??! Everyone else I know is going into Science… gahhh… I just checked out my courses a while ago, and apparently between some classes I have 10 minutes to run across half of UBC… Guess I will either have to start training my leg muscles or invest in alternative transportation (no, Translink doesn’t work =P they only cover a tiny bit of UBC last time I checked). A pair of wings maybe? =D

ps. yes, I intentionally left the title as “Hello world!”.