Las Vegas. Phantom of the Opera.


Las Vegas is an interesting place.

A city that hibernates during the day, and comes alive at night.

A luxurious city built on people that lost their minds to pulling a lever all day and giving away all their money.

A city where sex is more abundant than hamburgers.


According to my parents, it’s my third time being here, but I don’t remember the first time, and it still felt exactly like it did second time I was there – very loud streets, a lot of lights, a lot of smoking, and lineups of people handing out cards with a picture of a (usually) naked girl, and a number to call – I have to assume that’s legal here, since I’ve seen them doing it in front of cops. Everywhere you look down, there are 2 things – beer bottles, and the aforementioned cards with naked girls. It’s a city that really shows how infantile people can get – answering nothing but their most primitive desires. It’s like a place where it’s socially acceptable to show your dirtiest side.

On the more positive side, Phantom of the Opera!!



It’s something I’ve always wanted to watch, and it just happened to be playing at Las Vegas while I’m here! It’s a shortened version, adapted for Las Vegas, instead of the original Broadway. Still magical, though!

The singing and orchestra were absolutely phenomenal. I have heard all the music over and over again on my phone for the past 5 years, and imagined the scenes that go with them countless times, but it was very different hearing it live, and finally see the real thing in all its glory.  All the passion and talent. Ahh. Delicious! Definitely bring tissues if you are the teary type.

The fact that I knew the story already didn’t prevent me from enjoying the show at all. On the other hand, if you have never heard of it, it’s probably a good idea to read up on it first, if you don’t want to spend the whole time epicly confused, because it IS a complicated story.

Special effects were pretty awesome, too. Definitely not what I had in mind, but it was all very well done. A lot of surprises, and lot’s of fire. I’m glad they didn’t change the original elements at all, though.

I sat right underneath the iconic chandelier that falls down. That was pretty scary!

Highly recommended if you end up in Las Vegas in the next few months. I believe the last showing is in September this year.

The next day, we watched Le Rêve (The Dream) at the Wynn hotel. That was pretty cool, too. A lot of water, fire, thunder, and amazing acrobatics!


Pretty cool!

1.5 hours flight later, I’m back in Santa Clara, and have to go back to work tomorrow… It’s like alternate reality has ended, and reality just came back from lunch break. Delicious.