Matthew here. Please try not to make too big of a mess :).

I am a Canadian machine learning researcher currently living in London, England.

By day, I am a research engineer at Google DeepMind, working on Really Cool Stuff™ in deep reinforcement learning. I also have quite a bit of experience in embedded systems, robotics, and electronics design. Please feel free to take a look at my resume for more information, though I am not currently interested in pursuing additional opportunities.

By night, I am a

  • FAA and Transport Canada licensed private pilot always looking for new adventures to go on with my amazing friends
  • Chess player active on the Free Internet Chess Server, who REALLY likes King’s Gambit
  • Judoka – person who practices Judo, a Japanese grappling martial art similar to wrestling… but with a bit more class
  • Classical musician. Nowadays trying to switch to string with the viola. Hoping I’ll be good enough on the viola to join an orchestra again soon!
  • Beginning SCUBA diver training with the Imperial College Underwater Club – they are amazing!
  • Musical lover on a quest to watch all musicals on West End in a year. See my reviews on Phantom of the OperaWickedMatildaLes Misérables, and many others once I get off my lazy bum and actually finish writing them
  • Quoran. I specialize in writing wtf answers to wtf questions. Though I do occasionally write serious answers as well.
  • Beginning archer with the Imperial College Archery Club. Yet to qualify for any competition that requires a qualification score. I guess 213/600 on a Portsmouth round is not very impressive!
  • Armchair psychologist, primarily in social and clinical psychology
  • Feminist
  • Electronics tinkerer and maker. Recently separated from my 3D printer :'(.
  • Part time book worm
  • Recovering video game addict
  • Chronic night owl
  • Devout follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Loud, awkward ninja. Cookies for you if you get the reference! (No cash value, restrictions apply, see small print for detail) *you have very good eyesight! or you copy and pasted, in which case, cheater!

21 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Mattew, I’m a developer based in Vancouver and in my free time I’m playing with Seafile. I read about your setup, and I would be interested to know more detail about your setup.


    1. Hi Alex,

      I’m just running the standard version on Linode backed by S3QL as mentioned in the post. It seems to work quite well. What more detail are you interested in?


      1. Well how you setup the s3ql to work with Seafile? I was thinking, since the standard version don’t have S3 support to write it myself, but I’m open to other ideas, since it seems this solution works for you.

        Contact me by e-mail.


  2. Hey Matthew,

    Great post on seafile and s3ql! Thank you.

    We tried it and failed on one thing, pushing files from our client to seafile server on s3ql.

    We get an error
    [block bend] failed to commit block 51de…5e41: Invalid cross-device link

    What we did was only put the seafile-data/blocks on s3ql (via link) and the rest on local disk.

    How did you do it? Everything (i.e. including server) on s3ql? Any other special settings


    1. Hi Ramez,

      Sorry I have no idea what that means. I put the wentire seafile directory on S3QL and that worked. Maybe talk to the developers? That are very helpful.


  3. Hi Matthew,
    I was reading your article about private cloud storage and I got a doubt, which version of seafile did you use, the community or the bussiness one?

    1. Hi Igor,

      I used the community one. The business one supports S3 directly, but I wanted to use S3QL for other purposes, too.

  4. Thanks for your work and article on the CX430 power supply.
    I wanted to increase the 12 volt output to about 13.7 volts and
    your article sure did help. Grady Dean

    1. Hi,

      Technically, yes, but since I have very little time to work on personal projects nowadays, it may take a very long time. No Android client is planned at the moment.

  5. Hi!
    I hope this finds you well and in good spirits.
    I discovered your Giraffe project and am now learning about it. It contains an intersection of several interests I have – chess programming, AI, neural networks, machine learning – and, since I am retired, I now have the time to explore it in depth. One item of perhaps personal interest to you is that I have created a Microsoft Visual Studio 12 project (with minimal changes) to successfully compile and run the executable. If you would like to receive the project files, send me an email. As a personal reference, you might wish to visit my website: http://www.smidgeonsoft.com.
    Thank you for making your efforts available. It will provide me with countless hours of interest (and frustration).

    1. Hi Robin,
      Sorry for the very delayed reply… I missed the notification for some reason! If you are still interested, the FPGA did work, though I didn’t end up continuing with the project. That said, with how cheap 4 layer boards are nowadays, I would just go 4 layers.

  6. Hello Matthew, first of all: many thanks for your topic on “Computer Power Supply Voltage Modding”.
    Thanks to you, I could change my power supply to get out 13.9V …….
    I have a small question to which, you could (can be) answer?
    About the chip CM6800, on the datasheet, it is indicated that it can be used either as a voltage regulator or as a current limiter, so my question is: can it perform both functions at the same time. On my power supply, pin 8 is not connected, so ????
    Sorry for my bad English, I’m French.
    My power supply is: LC POWER LC6460GP3 V2.3 460W.
    Thank you again for all.

    1. Hi Marc,

      Sorry I don’t have a lot of time to look into it right now, but it does sound like it can only either be a voltage regulator or a current limiter, since pin 8 has different functions depending on the mode. In current mode it’s for current feedback, and in voltage mode it’s used to synchronize with the PFC circuit. Not sure why it’s not connected. Maybe the PFC section doesn’t have an output?

      Good luck!


  7. I would like to personally thank you for a fantastic write up of your private cloud setup using Seafood and S3QL. I ended up using a variation of that approach for my backup needs.

    From one canadian to another, thank you.

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