Hockey and Dog Fight

Did you know that, Canadians have a unique sport that they call hockey but bears little resemblance to what the rest of the world calls hockey?

It’s a sport where you can choose to hit the ball into the net with a stick just like regular hockey, or the more popular option is to just go beat your opponent up. Violence is acceptable and appreciated. Players often fight when they lose, when they win, when they feel like they are unfairly treated, when they are happy, for personal reasons, for team revenge, or just, in general, whenever they feel like it. Teams even have “goons”, people that have questionable playing skills, and exist for the sole reason of provoking and fighting opponents! People regularly get sent to hospital. There has also been a few recorded deaths. Serious injuries are pretty common. People have had their neck broken and their career end when some bastard (by whom I mean Bertuzzi, of course) decides to jump on them. And fans cheer for it!!! The league doesn’t care. They are making their money.

Seriously, hasn’t it disgusted you already?

It says a lot about a nation when the national sport has to resort to violence. It says a lot about the people when sheer blood and gore still entertain them.

Why don’t we bring back public beheading while we are at it? Or gladiators?

No other hockey league tolerates and encourages violence like the NHL. In just about any other sport, if you show the level of aggression they regularly do in Canadian hockey, you’ll get kicked out immediately, maybe with suspension. In Canadian hockey, the referees stand there and watch. And fans cheer.

Even in inherently “violent” contact sports like American football, they don’t fight like dogs like those NHL players do. They are civilized adults that can control their temper, and play within the rules. Not a bunch of big babies.

I don’t buy that team solidarity bullshit. Are they trying to build a hockey team or a mafia?

And then we have elementary school kids that fight in their hockey games. They are learning an invaluable lesson from the pros – if you can’t win on skill, just go beat them up.

In the Olympics games they were a lot less tolerant on violence. Even they know to be ashamed of it. Afterall, we are a peaceful nation. No way we will allow violence in a perfectly civilized game like hockey?

I probably would’ve loved hockey if not for NHL. It’s a very interesting sport (hockey, not Canadian hockey).