Eurotrip 2013 in Keywords

Some people take pictures to help them remember. Some people buy souvenirs. How about, words?

Mannheim. Autobahn. Van. Hot. Tap water. Eichbaum. Currywurst. Carbonated. Tram. Book store. Architectural sin. Education. Bridge. Jewish. Capricious. Castly castle. Stairs. Poses. Chains. Swing. Butt. Ice cream. Reporters. Hidden alley. Triangles. Wet. Thunderstorm. Lightning. Woohoo! Alcoholics. Night walk. Reflection. German factory. German fire. German smoke. Bus. Trees. Trees. Trees. Wind turbines. Currywurst. Lactose-ful ice cream. Eindhoven. Stone roads. Robocup banners. Harry Potter staircases. Fake fireplace. Real freezer. Lactose-free poo. New Testament. Her. Music. Carrot juice. Yoghurt. Mango pudding. Mango ice cream. Toothbrush. Walk. Grass. Gas price. Gay salon. Traffic lights. Fences. Smoke. Fire extinguisher. Pasta. Box. Formation. Sandwich. Balcony. Flag. Sleeping beauty. Beast. Burning smell. Beers. Kids. Climb. Laundry. Spider. Bar. German girl. Intelligent conversation. Ballmer peak. Fish. Goodbye. TU/e. Orange thingies. Hungarian Dance. Train. Feet. Train. Night. Berlin Hauptbahnhof. Taxi. Unisex. Snoring. Stranger. Awkward shower. Potted plants. History museum. Propaganda. Blood. Maps. Heavy. Currywurst. Gate. Shadows. Ice cream. Park. Underground. Grass. Pasta. Gum. Schloss Charlottenburg. Castly palace. Queen. Science. Garden. Symmetry. Different colours. Organ. Mirrors. Chandelier.¬†Airport. Schrodinger’s burger. Les Miserables. Rome. Empty airport. Taxi. Spider webs. Climb. Climb. Climb. Gladiators. Colosseum. Dead people. Rocks. Hot. Spray painting. Roman buildings. Holes. Petition. Crowd. Crowd. Crowd. Tour bus. Vatican. Bargaining. Sword. Michelangelo. Troll. Naked. Cardinal in hell. Sistine Chapel. Dark. Ceiling. Optical illusions. Indian. Dark. Comfy floor. Amsterdam. Albert Heijn. Doner. Tram. Bike. Kills. Red bricks. Homeless cup. Stars. Carbonated iced tea. Boats. Gossip. Boaters on weed. Canals. Wet. Sun. Vondelpark. Finding Nemo. Red windows. Shots. Pee. Pee. Pee. Chips. Kicked out. Erotic museum. Night. Mindless walk. Windmill. Sun. Nemo. Sun burn. Spiders. Sparkly water. Kites. Giant penises. Ethiopian. Lamb. Coconut beer. Coconut shell. Albert Heijn. Morning run. Trees. Trees. Trees. Ponds. Bridge. Bikes. Juices. Small eggs. Post cards. Poo. Les Miserables. Upside down. Smiles.

I promise there is absolutely no hidden message in there. Even if there is, it has absolutely nothing to do with the golden ratio.

… this is definitely going to be one of those wtf posts when I come back to read it couple years later. I love trolling my future self.

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