RIP Steve Jobs

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RIP Steve Jobs.

As an engineer, I am a big fan of ingenuity, and Steve has done a lot of that in his life.

I will not bore you with a list of things he did, since you probably have read that a thousand times from different places already, and the list is way too long.

I have a lot of respect for people that are original, and are willing to take risks to move the world forward. Steve is a man that deserves recognition.

Aside – I have always been an anti-fan of Apple for it’s shady business practices, and that has not changed. Only a job offer from Apple would change that. If I ever stop badmouthing Apple, that’s probably what happened. This is a completely different issue.

Now I am really curious about what will happen to Apple after their source of innovation is gone. iSheep will still be iSheep, but I’m sure there are also Apple fans that will leave once Apple becomes just any other tech company. I do not believe anyone can bring Apple back to the former golden Steve-era (early to mid 2000s, when Apple changed the world in so many ways). With the releases of recent Apple products, it’s not hard to notice that Steve’s absence/illness has already stopped innovation.

Can another person like Steve come out to push the tech world forward?

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