For some reason, I really hate talking on the phone.

Talking face to face is the best, e-mail is ok, IM is good, I don’t mind texting, Facebook flirting is cute, snailmail is… snail? body language? be my guest. Feet tangling under the table? I’ll let you know when I get a gf.

But I just hate talking on the phone, and I don’t know why.

At first I thought it’s because the real time nature of talking on the phone (compared to IM or e-mail) doesn’t allow me to rethink what I’m about to say. Which makes sense, except I love talking IRL, which also has the same problem (saying things I wouldn’t have said if I thought about it for 0.5 more seconds).

Now I think it’s because IRL, I get to observe the other person, but not on the phone. I tend to do that a lot. For me talking on the phone feels like talking into a uni-directional pipe. There’s minimal feedback, which brings fear of misunderstanding, especially since I like to say things in super concise ways. And I also don’t get to pace the conversation with body language, which would just be awkward silences on the phone, and that freaks me out. It also seems like silences IRL is fine, but not on the phone, because both people need to sustain effort to hold the phone, and that would be a little silly if no one is saying anything.

Short informational calls are fine, but I don’t like “real” conversations over the phone. Talk to me IRL! (except for urgent matter, like I totally forgot there’s an ECE 353 lab or something… has that ever happened?! =P)

2 thoughts on “Phone-phobia”

  1. This blog was spawned from our weekly pho a few wks ago!

    How about webcamming? Post-it notes? Screaming? 2 paper cups and a thread in between?

    And how many more of your blogs are gonna be based on our lunches? At least they’re not based on the more vulgar topics we discuss…hoho..hoho..

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