Windows Live Messenger – Moronic

Really, it takes skill to make something THAT bad.

1) in WLM 2011, you can’t set display name anymore, it has to be your name, or whatever you put as your name on your msn profile

2) it’s only available on Vista/7

3) they are crippling WLM 2009 (“particularly malicious worm”, yeah right, like they haven’t existed in the past 2 decades and just appeared when 2011 came out) by disabling all links, to force you to upgrade to 2011. If you are on XP (like I am both at work and home), you are screwed.

I can’t tell if this is moronic marketing, moronic management, or moronic engineering. Or a combination of them.

2) and 3) may be marketing, but 1) is just beyond me. Do they ever even PRETEND to listen to what users think? Or are the programmers so desperate wanting to keep their jobs, that they are breaking things first then fix them? That change is getting about 100% negative review. And they did all the public beta and stuff. And that still made it out the door. What’s the point of public beta if you are not listening anyways?

Or do they think they are so much better than the rest of us that they KNOW what’s good for us?

Or maybe it’s their social experiment to see what kind of shit they can throw at us and we will still take it?

I am tired of all this pushing around. NO other company can abuse their users like this and still survive. Blatant lying and crippling at will. Let’s not make an exception for Microsoft.

Let’s switch to something better. I recommend gtalk (XMPP/Jabber protocol). It’s an open standard (just like e-mail), with many available clients (if you don’t like Google’s, you can use another program, and it will be compatible with everyone else), and Google can’t push us around even if they wanted to, because it’s a standard. If you have gmail, you have an account already. Just download Google Talk and add me at (switch . and @).

If you want to stick with just 1 program for both MSN and gtalk, there are a few multi-protocol programs available. I recommend pidgin.