Computer Chess Tournament?!

This is too funny.

Brainless - Dolphine

(see that Canadian flag? I’m the only Canadian entry! =D)

Apparently, my chess AI, a pet project of mine in my high school years, that has been abandoned about 2 years ago, just participated in some “Italian Open” international computer chess tournament, without me even knowing.

It looks like a pretty serious event. Complete with standardized hardware, human operators (that operate my program, and play its moves on an actual chess board) and spectators.

It was entered by my then-partner, a German chess master that contributed a bunch of crazy chess knowledge.

Finished #11 out of 13.

Cool stuff!

Let me know if you want to challenge it. It’s about the level of FIDE master, meaning, unless you are a very serious tournament chess player, you will probably get owned.

Or, you can challenge my human instead. He’s a lot less impressive. You’ll probably own him if you just know the rules.

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