Computer Chess Tournament?!

This is too funny.

Brainless - Dolphine

(see that Canadian flag? I’m the only Canadian entry! =D)

Apparently, my chess AI, a pet project of mine in my high school years, that has been abandoned about 2 years ago, just participated in some “Italian Open” international computer chess tournament, without me even knowing.

It looks like a pretty serious event. Complete with standardized hardware, human operators (that operate my program, and play its moves on an actual chess board) and spectators.

It was entered by my then-partner, a German chess master that contributed a bunch of crazy chess knowledge.

Finished #11 out of 13.

Cool stuff!

Let me know if you want to challenge it. It’s about the level of FIDE master, meaning, unless you are a very serious tournament chess player, you will probably get owned.

Or, you can challenge my human instead. He’s a lot less impressive. You’ll probably own him if you just know the rules.

The Future

In light of a certain someone recently reminding me to keep blogging (hey! you should too! =D), I’ve decided to come back and give the blog some more love. It’s not that I’ve got nothing to write about. I have lots. Just no time. And bad memory.

I’ve been incredibly busy with Robocup, now that I’ve become one of the most dedicated members (making and fixing PCBs, writing microcontroller code, blowing expensive stuff up, eating sponsored pizza, drinking sponsored coke, etc, in decreasing order of importance, and increasing order of fun). I’ve also been busy with my own projects. Trying to do real-time hardware H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC) encoding on FPGA. More on that later. Maybe.

My life is a LONGGG line-up… of things to do.

So let’s write about… the future!

The future always seems to be a more close imitation of banana than the present (read: more fun). I think I’ve got a pretty epic plans laid down. Not that I don’t like the present. It’s been awesome.

But the future is EXCITING!!! =D

In the near near future –

MAYBE flying to Georgia Tech, Atlanta, Georgia for a weekend in January, for Robocup regional (US Open? last time I checked BC is still part of Canada…). This I’m not sure if I really want to go, yet (if I have to pay lots of $$$).

Then Istanbul, Turkey for the real thing in the summer!! This I really want to go. Apparently it’s a pretty big event, with university teams from all over the world, and junior teams that dance with robots and stuff.

Robocup is not currently recruiting, except for the admin team. So if you want to do admin stuff (try to get funding, people management, budgeting, media relations, etc), let us know!

Other than that, in the not so near future, I may be semi-moving out to an apartment maybe with bro (paid for by parents, they will live here once in a while, etc, and send food few times a week since they live just 5 minutes drive away – Asian thing :)). Will be living by myself in the not so distant future anyways, might as well get used to it now. It’s very close to Brighouse skytrain station, too. Good for 8am classes (I have plenty of those next term :(). Will need to start hunting for food!! Or grow 3 more stomachs to properly digest grass.

Currently spec’ing (uh I mean, looking for) TV/internet options. Telus looks good. Fiber optic internet + HD TV for ~$70/mo! My mom somehow got hold of a Chinese number for Telus, so will try to use her uber Asian bargaining skills… (I suck big time at that. Totally un-Asian). Again, they are paying for everything. But then I send them all my salary, too. So it’s unclear whether I’m net giving them money or getting money from them (if I exclude the apartment, but that’s more like a family apartment). Though I suspect the latter :D. Blowing money away quite liberally these days (really need to fix this…).

As for work. There are so much I want to do for my future Co-op work terms.

I want to do some robotic stuff, but I heard there are little entry level jobs for that. It’s mostly research. In other words, masters and PhD.

So I guess I’ll go make some chips. I was talking to Betty (my Co-op coordinator) about that, and she told me about companies in that industry and stuff. There are quite a few, mostly down there in California, near San Francisco, the Silicon Valley. Nvidia job postings look really good. But Betty said no one in UBC Co-op’s history has ever been hired before.

I’ll take it as a challenge.

First step, doing some VHDL/FPGA projects, and taking “advanced digital logic” course next term!

If that doesn’t work out, a PCB design job or something will have to do. Basically anything but software (not that there’s anything wrong with it, but I’ve been doing it for like all of 6 months of my professional life now, so I want to try something new) and QA. I love inventing/designing stuff. Doing any kind of testing kills a little part of me every time – which may be the explanation for my SLIGHTLY (approaching 100% currently) higher failure rate for my personal projects…

I’m so capricious. Future potential gf’s beware. Do not feed.