Some people like to type “lol” on msn when they are not actually laughing.

I find it kind of rude. It’s false advertisement.

I can assure you, every time I type “lol” or “haha” or one of the few hundred variants of them, I AM actually laughing :), at you or otherwise.


Beautiful Thursday afternoon.

Had lunch with Dr. Stocco at Mahony’s, and besides learning about his dark past (he had one glass too many :D), the part of the conversation I found most interesting is when he talked about how to become a prof.

Apparently, to become a prof at UBC, you need about 5 years of industry experience, and a PhD. The interview is 13 hours long, including talking to various people, giving a sample lecture to various people, and having lunch and dinner with various people. The most dangerous part is the dinner, at a nice restaurant, with a few bottles of wine on the table…

That aside. I think prof is a good job. Get to make fun of students, do some research, build some random things, have lots of free time, and make a lot of money.

I probably need to be a few times smarter, but hey, we can dream, right?

When there is a will, there is a way.

But then again, I change my life goal at about 50Hz.

He also told us that he usually charges $150-$200 an hour for consultation. And we can easily waste them a few hours in their offices, for free. We need to exploit them more.

And also, we got the top design mark (woohoo!) for our epic fail project.

“Finally someone who knows what they are talking about!”
— Konrad Walus, last project demo.

Turn Left or Turn Right? That’s the Question

You are going to the park for a run. The park has a somewhat circular track, and you enter perpendicular to the circumference.

Do you turn left or right?

I’ve always turned left, and I just realized today that, EVERYONE ELSE turns right. That’s why I’m always running in the opposite direction of everyone. Never have I passed anyone or have anyone passed me.

No one.

I usually come across ~5-6 people per lap (and say hi to exactly 1 of them), but never anyone in the same direction as me.

I like it this way. No competition, no comparisons, no passing.

The scenery is getting boring, though. Maybe I’ll try the other direction next time.

Or maybe one lap CW, one lap CCW… Then I can use it as a parity check. CW means even lap count, CCW means odd. Like ad and deuce sides in tennis.

Oh and,

7km! 3 more to go. 11 days till Sun Run. I think I have plenty of time :D.

My local park is getting boring, though. I need to find a new place to run.

I want to run along the south dike. Beautiful place. It’s kind of far away, though, which makes it kind of dangerous since I don’t like running with a cell phone, or anything electronic (apparently some people run with guns in the states… what kind of third world country is that!?).

Anyone want to join? =D

Felix Felicis

I have been an atheist all my life, but sometimes things happen that really make it hard to believe there is no higher being.

I think I’m getting WAY more than my share of luck.

It’s scary, in a good way.

Sometimes I would think about something nice. Something that I wish would happen, but would laugh it off as ridiculous the next second. Silly thoughts that I wouldn’t even bother telling people.

And then, somehow, it would just… happen. By some series of strange consequences, some obscure causal chain, it would just happen, without me doing anything but thinking about it. Everything just falls into place automagically.

It has happened quite a few times already. Big and small miracles.

No, I don’t believe in noetic theory (ability for the mind to do work on the outside world). And I didn’t hack the matrix and type in cheat codes.

Is someone slipping felix felicis into my pumpkin juice? I really need to pay you back, but please don’t stop =D

Perseverance, It’s a Good Thing(tm)

(noun) steady persistence in a course of action, a purpose, a state, etc., esp. in spite of difficulties, obstacles, or discouragement.

I think I’m losing much of it.

I really have changed.

Back then, I could spend hours everyday spamming the piano, or jump into freezing water everyday at 7am to practice for a meet (I’m a giant belly flopper =P), or coding for 8 hours straight everyday for 2 months (Project Brainless), or spending hours on Wikipedia reading about chess opening theories, or going to orchestra rehearsals every Saturday morning, and waking up at 5am for morning jogs.

Nowadays, I’ve gotten way too lazy. All the half finished projects. Always something more “interesting” coming along. And I end up not finishing anything. I’ve also deserted the piano and the saxophone, and half of my other hobbies, and just “be the rest of us” everyday.

I did a lot of crazy things in the past. But I don’t want to live in past tense.

There is no short of people doing crazy things around me, and I have a lot of respect for them.

I know someone who has composed STACKS of music, someone who owns a freakin store on facebook, someone who can probably play tetris blindfolded, someone who can successfully ask out and dump a girl 5 times before I even realize it, someone who has been making money and supporting his/her family since gr 8, someone who can draw Sailor Moon characters better than what you see on TV, someone who can make photo-realistic drawings using MS Paint pixel by pixel… the list goes on.

Coming to think of it, everyone is doing something crazy, in one way or another.

With all these great friends, I feel like I’m just tagging along. Not contributing my share of craziness to the world.

This will be changed. Starting this summer. I need to set goals for myself. As cliche as that sounds, I’ve never really done that. I’ll give it a try.

How about. La Campanella?

8 months. I know a few people who can probably master it while taking a dump, but for me it would be a feat. I need some practice with long jumps.

If I don’t follow up with it in 4 months, I’ve probably failed miserably. Feel free to laugh then :).

EDIT: link fixed.