Guess. Guess. Guess.

Whoever said love is the only complex thing deserves to be shot, buried, dug out, and shot again to make sure s/he’s dead.

Friendship is no different.

All guessing, nothing is straight forward. Wouldn’t it be so much fun if everyone can read everyone else’s minds?

That would be kindda creepy I guess.

No more Sherlock Holmes. I’ll take the easy way out.

Am I thinking too much? Most likely. I’ll keep it that way.

PS. don’t worry, I’m not suicidal 🙂 thanks, though.

7 thoughts on “Guess. Guess. Guess.”

  1. you’ll figure it out in the end. 🙂 goodluck. lemme know if i can help with anything.

    (ALWAYS sherlock holmes it out. it’s a way of life! :P)

    1. hahaha thanks kerri! I figured it out already actually. Life is good again :).

      sherlock holmes way of life! =P

  2. friendship and such are generally symbiotic relationships.
    some tend to make parasitic relations.
    it doesnt usually end well.

  3. I try to be straightforward, its hard because everyone’s influencing each other and it becomes a tangled mess. My normal approach is useless here.

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