How To Get Hot Water at UBC Pool

Totally out-of-place post =P hopefully it will benefit someone searching on Google (yes, my blog is indexed!)

If you have been going to the UBC pool lately, you may have noticed that the showers in men’s changeroom are sometimes freezing cold, especially if no one was there before you entered. You can turn it on and wait, but it will never get hot.

My hypothesis is that, when no one uses the showers, they turn off the water heater (or does it have a reservoir?) to save energy, and the intention is that, you can restart it by turning on a shower. But as it turned out, 1 shower on is not enough to activate it. The water will remain cold.

The solution I found is to turn on 4-5 other showers. Wait a few seconds, and if you are lucky, you will start getting hot water. At that time you can turn off the other showers. Sometimes the water will gradually get cold after you turn off other showers, so you may have to rinse and repeat.

It doesn’t always work, however, and you will have to live with it. I have done it a few times. Wonderful feeling, especially when you just got out of the hot tub :). Not so bad after you get used to it, and will definitely wake you up from the post-swimming-sleepiness.

Very confusing stuff.

Sometimes the water temperature can even go into oscillation (T ~= 30s). No solution for that, yet. I don’t know how to build a rectifier for hot water =P.

Maybe you just need to cause some disturbance in the forces.

May the force be with you.

Guess. Guess. Guess.

Whoever said love is the only complex thing deserves to be shot, buried, dug out, and shot again to make sure s/he’s dead.

Friendship is no different.

All guessing, nothing is straight forward. Wouldn’t it be so much fun if everyone can read everyone else’s minds?

That would be kindda creepy I guess.

No more Sherlock Holmes. I’ll take the easy way out.

Am I thinking too much? Most likely. I’ll keep it that way.

PS. don’t worry, I’m not suicidal 🙂 thanks, though.