Art of staying awake

Yes, I just added “Art of” to make it sound elegant and high class. It’s a misnomer, just like many things in life. This is no art. It’s science :). Art is for what don’t make sense.

After a not-so-eventful 10 hours flight, I’m back to the cow land!

A few tips to force yourself to stay awake when jetlag kicks in. I tested them all in a non-blinded* controlled experiment (the control group is myself, last year, same time), and they do work wonders –
1. Eat lots of protein and avoid sugar. According to some random Google article, protein is harder for the body to metabolize, and will keep you awake, carbohydrate makes you sleepy, and high fat food makes you feel retarded.
2. Drink water. I think I had about 10 glasses of water. The flight attendant must have been really annoyed. I’m surprised she didn’t go “take this 2 litres bottle and stop annoying me!” =P
3. Some caffeine (I also did this one last year, though, and it didn’t really help)
4. Watch MythBusters =P I loaded about 400MB of MythBuster episodes onto my laptop, and watched nearly all of it. It was awesome =P. Now whenever I see vacuum toilets I think of Kari Byron… hmm.

*placebo effect, experimenter’s bias, and observer’s bias may apply

4 thoughts on “Art of staying awake”

  1. the sugar thing confuses me. doesnt sugar give u energy? boing boing.

    5) call up poor, unsuspecting friends/enemies. late night movie/karaoke/phone call will do.
    6) resolve to do a ‘fiendish’ level sudoku and don’t stop until u get it.
    7) watch funny movies/sitcoms that keep you laughing and laughing and laughing. hahaha! who needs sleep when you are having fun
    8) make comic books of a made-up character
    9) watch cartoons
    10) let an animal/flock of birds/beehive into your house. constantly running away from it will keep you from sleeping!
    11) let a mosquito bite you. it will be itchy and you won’t be able to sleep
    12) get 12 alarm clocks and have them wake you every 15 min=D towards the end you’d get so annoyed/paranoid you wouldn’t even need the alarms.

    that is all for now. i will update when i think of more. please do not hesitate to try them all!

    1. I think the theory is that, sugar gives you energy, but the body doesn’t need to do much work to extract the energy, so it just converts the sugar to fat and store it.

      hahahaha thanks for the great suggestions!
      I’ll try them next time for sure. Well, probably not the beehive =P

      I never knew you are into sudoku! (are you?) They bore me =P will probably put me to sleep faster than anything.

  2. I can confirm the water one, keeps me awake. Also music works too.
    I think regular sleep patterns help much much more than these though, but looks like nobody here follows them 😛

    and from last comment: yeah i’ve already been using UNIX for physics, and IRC for silly little scripts like saying things and unit conversions

    1. haha yeah regular sleep patterns would be the best.

      this is for jetlag, though. that’s anti-pattern by definition.

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