Star Ocean: Second Evolution


Just finished Star Ocean: Second Evolution on my beloved PSP. I’m not usually a big fan of anime, nor sci-fi… but this game is awesome!

Believable (not realistic, who plays realistic games??) and VERY well developed and unique characters, dramatic plot with surprises and hidden rewards everywhere. There are secrets to be unveiled on every turn that bit by bit reveal the epic history of the world they live in and the origin of the characters… It’s apparent that they put a lot of time into it. There’s just so much content – side quests, character interactions (including romance =P I tried to make a lesbian couple… didn’t work), and 80+ different endings depending on what happens in the game.

“If you look from the monsters’ perspective, we just came out of nowhere and ruined their lifes for our selfish purposes.” (or something to that effect =P) – Rena

So yeah! if you have a PSP and about 30 hours (that’s what my game save says anyways, but there’s a huge optional dungeon that I didn’t go into, which would probably add at least another 10 hours) of spare time on your hands (you won’t be able to put it down), definitely give it a try!

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