haha I don’t think I told anyone I am going to Japan. But hey, I didn’t know until 2 days ago, either. Apparently neither my mom nor my dad think they should let me know in advance (FML, in a good way) =P

A sleepy 3 hrs flight on an Airbus A330 (hey, where’s my carbon fibre plane? =D), with a very cool engine break on landing. I always sit beside the wings, so I can see those things. I don’t think the 747 has that (the walls of the back half of the engines slide backwards to limit airflow and provide an early exit for hot air? that’s my best guess anyways). Didn’t watch any movie, since they only have a few very girly movies. Girliness is fine, but they don’t seem to have anything else. Watched a program on the 2009 Australian Open (very emotional matches), and the Sarah Brightman Vienna concert (Phantom of the Opera! =D).

Actually, I watched a very cool movie on my last flight (to Taiwan) that I always wanted to write about… but more on that later.

This is my first time to Japan, and I noticed a few things –
1) Japanese people in the airport always talk to the white guy beside me in English, and to me in Japanese.
2) Everything is small! – narrow streets, small buses, small bus seats (Japanese people have smaller bums it seems), tiny slippers in hotel, small meals, short beds, smaller benches in the mall, smaller walking space in stores, tiny hairdriers (~500W?), tiny toothbrushes with about half the amount of hair…
3) There’s a wedding taking place in the hotel we are staying in =P with a gorgeous bride in kimono.
4) Internet costs 42 yen/minute (~$0.50). That’s why I’m not posting this post until… a few days later =P, when there is free internet.

Haven’t had a chance to exercise my awesome Japanese, yet. I think I still remember a grand total of about 5 verbs and 10 nouns from my 3 years of Japanese classes. At least I can still read most of katakana =).

And Discovery Channel is the only English (with Japanese subtitles) program here on TV. But it’s okay =D it accounts for 90% of what I watch on TV anyways =P. Ah, and CNN, too. But it’s almost exclusively Michael Jackson.

The hotel (Hilton) looks really nice, too. The circular building surrounds a traditional Japanese “stones arrangement” (?) design thing, complete with ponds and small waterfalls, and classical music. Won’t take a picture, though =P. I don’t believe in pictures. Taking a picture is like pulling a rectangular image abruptly out of context. The scene is only beautiful when it’s surrounded by the atmosphere. The smell, the sound, the interactivity. Taking a picture to remember a place is like bringing home a rose to remember a rose garden – it loses its meaning when it’s out of context. So I won’t ruin all the beautiful things here by taking pictures =). Not saying laziness is not also a factor… =D

Oh, and the guide kept warning us about male prostitudes lurking on the streets here in Tokyo… hmm.

6 thoughts on “Japan!”

  1. i was not notified of ur absence! pls bring back some japanese sushi/noodles/fish/anything else that could rot and stink up my house=)

    i have stuff to update u about in my life! are u going on msn anytime soon? i wouldn’t dream of posting my secrets on your blog..(go away jimmy)

    (ps. so glad u are safe and not in a hole. think of all the math i would have to do!!!)

    1. =P we had been talking about a trip to Japan for a few months, and one day, my mom was like
      “we are going to Japan tmr”
      me – “ok… wait WHAT??!” =P
      maybe they knew I wouldn’t start packing up until the last day anyways…
      so yeah, I didn’t have time to inform anyone =P

      stink up your house? hmm. Japanese hamster! (they are expensive to keep tho. need to feed them sake and sushi)

      :O secrets! (I love secrets =D)
      hmm probably won’t be online while you are not sleeping tho (I’m on right now =P)
      but I’m going back to TW on the 11th, your time, if my math didn’t fail me

      1. japanese hamsters drink sake?! did u learn that from hamtaro…=P

        ok maybe not so much secrets, i don’t lead such an exciting life, unfortunately.

        hehe@ the smaller japanese bums part. i read a few years ago that american airlines had to increase their seat width by a couple inches because the “Average butt size” had gone up! (not jk, u can google it!) darn obese americans…

        a picture is 1000words! justifying NOT taking a picture, however, is slightly less than 100(as you have proved). not sure what that shows, but thought i’d point it out; perhaps in the future you will just take a picture, give us 900 more words, and 100 less to type for you! just a (friendly) thought=P

        1. hahaha they have smaller bums by necessity.

          good idea regarding the photo thing!
          *picture of a cindy*
          – uglydolls advocate. circa 2009
          $0.99 + tax


    1. LOL no I didn’t =)

      I seriously was thinking about adding “no gianni, I know what you are thinking about. not that. at least I am not a firsthand witness”

      but thought I should give you a chance at not being a gianni

      guess I was wrong

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