This is SEX!! (…? =P)

Sorry if the title got you all excited =)


Like my dear friend Gianni would always say, THIS IS SEX!! (and a hot, steaming one at that)

I was hoping to break the 90% mark (and I did for a few weeks before 150 mark came out =P), but it has no significance if we count in hexidecimal =).

Oh well, I’m happy =D.

Learned so much, had so much fun, and made a few great friends! (quality over quantity, people =D)

Now let’s talk about… hmm… the future!

Computers have always been “my thing”. I think I started spamming the keyboard when I was 5 or something (minesweeper on Windows 3.1!), and have never left it alone since then (wish I had that kind of dedication with my ex =P well, she didn’t come with a 3-yrs manufacturer warranty).

I have always been fascinated by computers. I guess it’s the control freak in me. Being able to command a beastly thing like a computer is just too awesome. Started programming in… grade 9 summer I think, with Java, and then C++, and then programmed just about everything I got my hands on to (and has a SDK) – my ex-graphing calculator, the PSP, my iPod, cellphone (Java eww!)… I have a tendency to start projects and never finish them, though =P which is really bad. The only “big” thing that I can actually recall to have kind of finished is the chess AI thing I did last summer. I can spend literally hours staring at random code trying to find a bug. Can’t sleep knowing there’s a bug in my code 😀 (but of course, not knowing they exist doesn’t mean they don’t exist…).

Not surprisingly, I’ve always wanted to go into computer science. It was a hard choice what to put on my university application forms. I ultimately decided to go to engineering, though, and I don’t regret it one bit :D. Computer science is too much theory, which is really not my thing. I love practical stuff =). Besides, I don’t want to spend my whole life coding. Doing a personal project now and then is one thing, but spending a few decades being a coffee-to-code converter at minimum wage is another.

And then there are the Asian grandparents and parents that were constantly trying to convince me to become a doctor. Of course, that, has always been taken as less than a grain of salt =).

1 more month to submit the final decision of what branch of engineering to go into, and that will probably be what I will be doing for the rest of my life. Come to think of it, that’s actually pretty scary =P. It’s like choosing a House at Hogwarts, except we don’t get a convenient sorting hat.

I have pretty much decided on Electrical/Computer Engineering, but that doesn’t stop me from drooling over all the options we have here.

Material engineering sounds like fun, after the case study on airplane materials (and how, contrarily to popular belief, a topless plane can fly :)), but I heard they spend all day watching plastic getting stretched…

And a friend of mine just graduated with a degree in Aerospace Engineering (from an American university), and that sounded like fun, too.

Gahh why can we only pick one.

WOW, talk about ranting on-and-on-and-on skill =D.

balabababa~ I’m lovin’ it!

6:20AM, woke up by the sound of scooters. Moist air with a hint of burning incense (I think that came from my neighbours thru the AC… hmm).

First day in Taiwan! (yes no jetlag :)) Contrarily to popular belief, they are not quarantining everyone from Canada… yet! Apparently someone came off another plane also from Vancouver at around the same time with a 40C fever. Thought it was our plane, we were so scared that they would track us down =P.


AC running furiously trying to keep the room at a freezing 24C. Apparently having a hard time.

My summer so far has been delicious! Tennis every non-raining day, got myself a few dry blisters (what do you call those anyways?), but all is well =) Too bad no more tennis for a few months :(. And apparently, the swimming pool I frequented last year got burnt down. Exactly how often do you see swimming pools getting burnt down… guess I need to find a new one.

Need to find something to do soon, before I become a (even more) lazy bum.