Internet trends

November 2004 (almost 5 years ago!), when I was young and innocent, and when the world revolved around funny science experiments and bragging about yet another 100% math quiz, and when staying up till 3AM for a Japanese project was considered hardcore, I started my very own Xanga site, with a plethora of other people, trying out this new “blogging” thing. Life was good. Almost everyone was in it. We tried everything from exotic background music to pink fonts on red background… to actually making meaningful blog posts.

I was reading my own xanga just now, there were about 50 posts? =P
So much fun. It’s like 5 years of life in fast reverse (not fast forward… I’m reading backwards =P)

I never posted often, but I never ditched it either! (well, except for a few months in 2007) Persistence. It’s a Good Thing TM.

That was the good time, and it lasted for about 2 years? Then a new social networking site came up (called hi5 or something? no idea, I never tried it), and people started to neglect their xangas. And then there was MSN Space, which never really caught on (just like many other Microsoft copying-and-taking-over attempts).

And then there is Facebook. And now, virtually no one is using Xanga, or any blogging site for that matter (I only know 2 or 3 of my friends still blogging). It’s like everyone just got lazy all of a sudden, and decided to just use that one-line Facebook status thing instead, and sending random yells at each other.

Not saying there’s nothing good about Facebook… I personally love the birthday reminder thing =P. We don’t need to remember birthdays anymore, and can use that saved brain space to store less trivial stuff, like the laws of thermodynamics or something =P. Seriously, though, I think it’s a good feature. Computers are good at memorizing, so let them memorize birthdays for us. As an added bonus, now we all get a few hundred Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V’ed “happy birthdays”, and I bet no one will notice if I change my Facebook birthday 6 times a year to have a birthday every 2 months.

I wonder what will be next popular kid… hopefully not =P