Devil’s advocate

6:15 PM, exactly 1 hr before the physics midterm.

Just came back from McDonalds in the UBC Village… IT’S FREAKIN COLD OUTSIDE! and it’s a 15 minutes walk there. But I saw a 99B while I was eating… so I guess I can take it there next time (intra-campus bussing!)

… with a few tonnes of extra fat

… but that’s what I swim 10 laps a day for! (well, almost, just 2-3 days / week =P)

I really should be studying… but I think I’ve had enough, so let’s make a blog post! =D (wait for me to edit this out after the midterm =P)

On to the post =D

What is passion?

is it really spontaneous and rational (in some way)?

I realized there are many things I am passionate about without any particular reason. In fact, for some things I like, if I actually make a list of it’s properties, and reason whether I should like it or not, I would CHOOSE to not like it!

For example, I love bananas, but I don’t usually like soft/sticky fruits, and nor do I like peeling (I’m lazy =P), and yellow is not my favourite colour either. Come to think of it, I SHOULDN’T like bananas, yet I do =P.

What, then, determines whether we like something or not?

My theory is that we get a “first impression” of everything, and that’s when we decide whether we like it or not. For things we decide to like, we then try hard to convince ourselves that we like it =P, and vice versa for things we hate. It’s the first subjective impression that counts.

That’s for something… how about, someone? Does it apply, too? What is love?

We all know what Hollywood wants us to believe, spontaneous attraction, appreciation, and all that.

Really? Not so in my experience. I am quite confused (as overused as it is) right now, but let’s not get into that =P

I believe love is nothing more than the “spark” and a lot of imagination and convincing oneself unconsciously.

That is to say, I don’t believe love exists in the form we think it does.

I’m just playing devil’s advocate here.

Or maybe it’s sour grapes, since it is Valentine’s day and I should feel lonely =P.

Or maybe I “just don’t get it” =P, and hopefully will “get it” once I fall in love for real once =P.

I remember reading an article for my ENGL 112 class, about how heterosexuality is really a result of social construction and not human instinct. S/he (can’t remember now) argues that our society promotes heterosexuality by having things like couples benefits, legal marriages, holidays like the upcoming one =P, etc, and at the same time frown upon homosexuality and err, “insexuality” (desire to stay single)? =P.

Towards homosexuality, my view has always been “if they are both happy, why not?”, but an argument against that on xkcd forum made me speechless – what about polygamy? what about human-dogs marriages (what’s the big word for that? =P)? should they be legalized, too? if the participants are all happy?

I guess it all comes down to our values, and the concept of marriage should be kept out of the legal system at all if we want to be completely fair.

And when did I change the topic… =P

Anyways, I think that’s enough intenseness for one blog entry =P.

On to lighter things,

Life has been treating me too well!

Easy midterms, and a lot of sun (and snow?!), and good food.

And I disapproved a few laws of physics, too, in the physics labs =P

in one of them we used a tunnel and speakers to find harmonic frequencies and the speed of sound, and our result was 650+-20m/s or something.

and in another one I found the efficiency of a tungsten lightbulb to be 150% =P (black body radiation / power input)

I should publish papers on my incredible findings =P

gah! one more midterm after this, on Saturday, Valentine’s day =P of course, I don’t mind at all, since I don’t have a valentine… I’m guessing the prof doesn’t, either =P.

Optimists and pessimists aren’t so different after all – optimists think the world is as good as it can be, and pessimists fears it’s true.