Understanding as a function of time

How you are expected to learn math

by our wonderful math prof, after people complaining the first quiz was too hard (class avg 4/10 or something =P)

haha this is xkcd quality stuff =D

Sorry for the bad quality. almost 10 years old 2mp phone (I don’t usually carry my camera to lectures…)

Is it meant to be motivational? =P

At least the second derivative is positive =D.

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  1. Interesting. I’m the sort who only feels comfortable about a topic in math after having gone through all the relevant problem types, so I agree with your professor. Personally, I think my professor’s quizzes are too easy, for something that will make up a quarter of our overall grade.

    my phone is 1 yr old and 2 mp also. wat are u saying. are u poking fun at my phone. u just made this blog just to make my phone feel ashamed of itself didnt u=((

    i bet u drew the graph urself, then took a pic of it, just to be able to make a blog and make my phone look bad=O


  3. haha, your prof sounds amazing 🙂
    thanks for the (epic) comment & post, too!
    definitely xkcd worthy.

    speaking of which…have you seen the duck one! so adorable 😀

  4. I think your prof has a simple version of the function, because what’s important is what happens after the final exam.
    The true function of understanding vs time F(t) is:

    F(t) = 1 – | 1 – e^(t/A)|

    Where t = time in days ; F(t) = understanding ratio (%) ;
    A= Attention span in hours.
    The final exam is at t = 0

    I formulated this function a while ago, try it out on a graphing calculator 😛

    Note: most people’s attention spans are about one class (so ~50-70 minutes or 0.833-1.167 hours)

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