Why bunnies?

A technical engineering solution to all of life’s problem in Africa –

“Make genetically-engineered bunnies that go cook themselves.”
– your’s truly


ah too much fun =D

7 thoughts on “Why bunnies?”

  1. inductive thinking.. or is it deductive. EITHER WAYS, you’re the only “fish” on Kerri’s so I’m guessing its you who broke the whole password thing

    I didn’t bother with anything fancy because the people I want to keep out don’t have any knowledge on HTML or javascript 😛 Or else I would’ve used a better script, or something offline. (Either ways, if I had important information to keep private, WELL, blogspot isn’t the first place I’d think of hiding it 😛 )

  2. o and plus, it keeps uneducated strangers and stupid people in general out of the whole commenting pool.

    I win.

  3. =O
    lets sell the idea for money before bunnies do it first, then use the money to buy weapons of mass destruction made of carrots, then use them to attack us=(

  4. I might have take that comment back because of your use of double negatives (not-uneducated-stranger)

    You get to keep it for now.
    I keed, I keed

  5. hey! i see you’ve met JarofNuts! 😀
    i love the interneeetttt.

    anyhoo, creeping around and just realized the alt. text on that link — what the heck?! 😛
    i’m aggressive when i’m hungry, but doesn’t mean my blog wouldn’t be soft. x) well put. i guess maybe they aren’t, haha.

    update some more!

  6. klu: hahaha so profound your statement was =P

    btw… did you just admit you are the giraffe =D that’s what I have always been wondering… =P

    and you are checking alt texts on random links! too much xkcd!

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