Flying around with fire extinguishers the way Wall-E’s don’t


Was awesome.


The environmental satire thing I found quite hypocritical, but the film itself is too delicious.

I actually like Eve (yes Eve! “Extraterrestrial Vegetation Evaluator”, even though Wall-E insists on calling her EEE-VAH for some reason) more than Wall-E =P I guess it’s the contrast between how she (and her portable ion cannon, for the C&C 3 fans out there) was portrayed at the beginning and when she decides to get emo and love Wall-E. Relativity at work =P

My favourite scene, though, is in the image on top =P. They are dancing in space after Wall-E escaped from the escape pod thing, using a fire extinguisher as the porpellent. That’s my childhood dream!! Next thing we know, there will be little brats flying everywhere like in Star Wars, each with their own fire extinguisher… (dream on!).

Oh and, at this time of the year, everyone concludes their blog entries saying merry christmas. I don’t have a line like that.

Pre-determined free will? Butterfly effect?

Is the universe deterministic?

According to Newtonian physics, yes – every single event happens according to a pre-determined sequence. Everything can be calculated.

It seems logical, but implies something really scary – that means we really have no “free will,” since the brain is essentially a huge chemical reaction at a particular state, following a physically pre-determined sequence.

Rather, I guess, that means we have pre-determined “free will”. We can make our own decisions out of our own volition, but the what decisions we are going to make are actually pre-determined by physics.

Sure, in quantum mechanics, there is what people claim to be true randomness, but is it really the only “random seed” in the universe? If they are, I am afraid we still don’t have true “free will”, unless someone wants to claim that our brains can manipulate things on that scale.

Not all is lost, though. Thanks to butterfly effect (aka chaos theory, saying that a butterfly flapping its wings can set off a tornado on the other side of the earth – small variation in initial conditions can change everything), at least we have a random world =D.

The world needs a bit more entropy.