Let’s all pretend it’s a beautiful day. According to the almighty Einstein, time is merely an illusion in 4D space anyways, and it WAS a beautiful day yesterday =D. I’m sure it’s going to get better, too, have faith, people… have faith… the sun will come one day. The cows will wake up, the squirrels will once again be energetic, and all the creepy water puddles + wet smelly leaves will… no longer be creepy and smelly =P.

The weather reminds me of Taiwan, where I came from. It rains there about twice a day (pouring, too, orders of magnitude bigger than the biggest rain we get here), and typhoon comes about once every 2 weeks. At least we don’t get floods here =).

It’s getting cold, too, but I think it’s due more to daylight saving thing than anything else.

But of course,

“if it wasn’t for global warming we’d have three weeks of snow.” – Willis Fung, 2005

2:39PM, ever so busy Tim Hortons in the forestry building.

With one donut and some yummy brown-ish liquid.

=P and that reminds me of an interesting article from Ubyssey, the UBC newspaper, I read some time ago.

BTW, the forestry building IMHO is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus, all wooden :). The CS building looks pretty from the outside, too, all glassy, but I haven’t had a chance to go see the interior, yet.

Ah, time to embark on my journey to the lecture hall that’s… about 20 metres away, so I won’t end up spending the first half hour of the lecture in Tim Hortons like I did last time =P.

I don’t have time to think of a good title for this post. Rather than giving it a bad title, I will leave it untitled.