It’s a game my friend (by the name of William Song) and I made for our Programming 12 class while we were still in high school (yeap… distant past =D).

We got the inspiration from the very popular helicopter game (at least in our class), but added in a few elements, and made it under water.

He did the hard work – graphics design, googling, and editing. I did the easy part – coding =D.

The objective of the game is to dodge all the icebergs floating around, as well as the scary-looking icicles, while eating as many fishees as you can (gives you HP).

It’s open ended, the the rate of score increase (dscore/dt) is quadratic to the speed (controlled by the horizontal position of your cursor), and of course, by the fundamental theorem of calculus, that means your score as a function of time is cubic to the speed.

Contrarily to popular belief, there is no hidden final boss at the end. We thought about adding a shark… but yeah… sharks generally don’t chase penguins around… I hope =).

Enjoy! (the horizontal of cursor location determines speed. hold down the left mouse button to elevate)

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Yes, the background music is from The Little Mermaid =P. Didn’t have the budget to hire a composer haha.

I was going to port it to the PSP during the summer… but eventually gave up. I tried to implement anti-aliasing in C, but the CPU in the PSP is just too slow. And apparently I need to learn the assembly of whatever CPU the PSP uses (MIPS I think) if I want to use the graphics hardware, or even SIMD (single-instruction-multiple-data, aka vector math) instructions, so yeah… screw that.

5 thoughts on “IceAge”

  1. :@ you fixed the bug

    i had a high score of 5.6 million

    then u fixed the bug

    btw i forgot to enter an email for the comment and your site failed

  2. errm…i don’t think 5.6 million is possible willis….
    because the range of the vertical position variable is not large enough for you to get that score…..(unless you keep clicking your mouse for ~7 hours…=P)

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