Officially fresh

3.29PM, “Silent study spaces”, Irving. K. Barber Learning Centre @ UBC, I am enjoying the last bit of my wonderful first week of UBC ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually, it’s more like my first 4/5 of a week.

Tuesday was this orientation thing, which is basically a campus tour + some very loud events. It WAS a beautiful and sunny morning, until it began to rain at 10AMish. Still beautiful, just no longer sunny =P. The campus is really beautiful and leafy. I actually don’t remember much about the tour, due to the hunger (wasn’t fed until 3PM…), except this story about a clock tower that a tour group leader told us =P

There was one time, when an animal rights activist group decided to protest ON TOP OF the tower. They grabbed a cow, and made it go all the way up the stairs to the top. And then, the police came, telling them to get back down. They tried, but the cow just wouldn’t go down the stairs. Apparently it’s easy to get a cow UP stairs, but impossible to make them go DOWN stairs. They ended up having to make the cow into beef to take it down. UBC’s got a bloody history =P.

The rest of the week went fine. Very busy, though. Giant line-ups at the bookstore to get the legendary Upass (yup, got mine =D), and all the textbooks ($590… for one term…).

The rest of the time I spent creeping around and exploring the campus. It was just today that I can finally go around without a map. The campus is just big fat and huge. Casually walking, it takes about 40 mins to go from the north of the campus to the south (only the exciting part, not the huge grassland).

So yeah, my feet were hurting pretty badly after two days of walking two hours each. And then you see those girls in heels. Makes you wonder what are they doing here instead of going to the Olympics.

Will check out all the clubs and stuff next week, as well as the swimming pool that we can use for pseudo-free (included in tuition) at certain times of the day.

Lectures have been okay. Funny profs. There’s this one old physics prof with a very thick accent (from either Austria or Australia… didn’t get that part), though, and I could only understand ~50% of what he was saying. I am getting better at it though =P. He told us about how Fahrenheit added salt to iced water, and called it 0F, and stuck a thermometer up his rear end, and called it 100F… Yeah, that part I did understand… Hopefully not all of it is true, though =P.

I am beginning to feel the urge to go pee now… and I don’t think leaving my laptop here is a good idea =P guess I will have to put it to sleep and bring it with me…

BTW, I see 3 MacBook Airs around me, right now. For those that don’t know, MacBook Airs are the $4000 laptops… At least they make my $900 laptop safe from theives =P.

4 thoughts on “Officially fresh”

  1. Hey! It’s Lawrence. I like your blog. Your nice writing style makes it interesting to read. Keep it up!

    Btw, Macbook Airs are only $1899 ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. UH! this is my second attempt of leaving a msg. and it’s not gonna be identical to the first one. but i’ll try. hate u fish. i hope u drown and die!! just cuz….yeah!!
    newayz first week sucked for me. the amount i had to be fast walking/running in this first week is equivalent to the amount of fast walking/running i had to do in the past year, perhaps even more = =. can u imagine running from the ANSO (anthropology & sociology building) up the to flight of stairs at rose garden to the SWING space and up another three flights of stairs to the third floors? takes like freakin 25min to walk to and i have to do it in…lets say 10~15 mins?!!!! rediculous!!
    and how crappy it is to ride the bus for a total for 3 hours (to and back) just for a 1.5 hour of class? POINTLESS.
    i didn’t get the “accented” profs but i did get the profs that don’t use mics for a avg. 150 ppl class. i was in the 6th row and i had trouble hearing. imagine those behind me. gosh!! how hard is it to get a mic. i got an iclicker for them. they should to get a mic for me too.
    i think these were what i wrote from the previous…
    btw i do have the same feeling towards those ppl in high heals and also those girls that use handbags instead of backpacks. if u tried i’ll know how aching it is to put that bunch of weight in on shoulder. hurts!! ๆ„›ๆผ‚ไบฎ็š„ไปฃๅƒน= =!!!
    newayz i’m talking to u on msn. when am i even typing this again = =!!

  3. apparently his rear end was too hot and that’s why body temperature is 98.6 F instead of 100.

    and apparently some Americans have a lot of hot gas (bad tempers) and that’s why Americans use the Fahrenheit system.

    i spent around $250 for textbooks so far.

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