Timetable =D

I’m also taking MUSC 103 online… a no pre-requisite music course. yay I will learn to read scores =D

(no… not slacking off… just free credits to get my elective requirements out of the way =P)

APSC 122 – Introduction to Engineering
APSC 150 – Engineering Case Studies
APSC 160 – Introduction to Computation in Engineering Design
MATH 101 – Integral Calculus with Applications to Physical Sciences and Engineering
MATH 152 – Linear Systems
PHYS 153 – Elements of Physics
PHYS 170 – Mechanics I
ENGL 112 – Strategies for University Writing
MUSC 103 – Introduction to the Theory of Music

One thought on “Timetable =D”

  1. strategies for university writing? that is not even a English class and the lady who i asked about transfer said i need 2 English class, one lit the other writing. I WAS LIED TO???? dam

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