University Monopoly = Big Money

As we all know, monopoly is bad.

I just looked at the breakdown of my $3300 tuition and student fees for 2008 winter session @ UBC out of curiosity.

Guess what I found?

$3 Sexual Assault Fund (does that mean I get to go sexually assault someone once I pay this fee?)
$88 Upass
$5 Ubyssey Publication Fee (apparently a UBC newsletter)
$12 Student Aid Bursary Fund
among other things

Never knew doing business is that easy – just list all the money you want, and people will have to pay them.

IMHO, Upass included in student fees ($88×2 for two sessions) is ridiculous. What if I won’t be taking the bus? Why am I paying as much as people who take it 10 times a day? I am a big fan of users-pay-ism.

And all those forced “donations” too.

Okay I will quit complaining and pay whatever they say. I don’t get a choice do I?

2 thoughts on “University Monopoly = Big Money”

  1. well they are making u take the bus with high parking fees and the U Pass that u have to pay
    and most importantly sniper in bound!!!!!

  2. haha yeah, but what does UBC have to do with Translink?

    They could’ve included that in the taxes so everyone can ride on buses for “free,” not just UBC people.

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