8 thoughts on “Define messy”

  1. dam ur table makes me feel bad. if that is what messy is then mine is just like the city dump. DAM my table could bring a hole different meaning to FUBAR

  2. haha well you’re only seeing the top layer.

    wanna post a picture of your desk?

    I will beat it some day

    just you wait

  3. lol oh ya we will see about that
    and i can post pics up here???? no way
    PS nice keyborad very retrol

  4. haha that I don’t know. I don’t think you can post it here.

    that keyboard I have been using for ~10 years. Not a hyperbole. It uses a AT connector (before PS/2. I have to use an adaptor). It’s those loud mechanical type that’s very springy. They don’t make those these days. Too expensive.

    I type the fastest on these, though. And I type a lot of code, so it helps.

  5. hey man guess what i cleaned my desk and it only toke me 50 secs lol. just had a garbage can next to my desk and pushed everhing in to it, i think there was a plate in there but oh well job done. XD

  6. HAHA
    mine’s so much worse

    i cleaned it! 😀

    haven’t been here in soo long 🙂 glad to be back.

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