Dinner & Dance and Dry After Grad

Was going to make this post right after the events, but it was 5:30am when I got home… so yeah (good thing there weren’t many cars on the road when I drove home… would’ve crashed into a few. too sleepy haha) =P

Dinner & dance at Four Seasons hotel was okay. We did get fed with pretty decent food, but flashy lights and ear-crackingly loud “music” (using the term loosely here) is just not my thing :-). Chatted with my friends outside the ballroom till the end of the dance @ midnight. Oh. Did I mention beautiful girls? =P Some were pretty ghostly with all the makeup, but the majority were gorgeous =). The ice sculpture thing was pretty cool, too. Will steal a pic or two from someones facebook if and when they come up =P

30 mins of sleepy bus ride took us back to the school for the Dry after grad party. That, on the other hand, was awesome. The “hired security” =P (couldn’t resist haha… should have started a riot or something, so the money wouldn’t go into waste), the professional looking decorations and lighting (must have taken hundreds of man-hours), and all those fun games. We started with a round of black jack (first time in my life =P), then went on to the smacking game (two people smacking each other with a huge stick), and then DDR machine that we tried to beat (the easy level) with 4 ppl on the 4 directions… didn’t work =P. We got fed there too – pizzas, sushi, watermelon (had a ton =P)… there were other things like caricature and spray tattoos (whatever they are called) that we didn’t try. Looked like fun, though.

We had prize draws of things donated by parents. Someone apparently got a Wii, and I ONLY got a noise-cancelling headphone but hey… that’s a humongous ONLY =P. I guess that’s one nice thing about being in a school with dedicated (and possibly rich =P) parents.

Nice conclusion of our 5 years of highschool :).

Here’s my big fat THANKS for the parents and volunteers. (although my appreciation will probably never get to them…) For a mere $40 (or whatever it costed us), I wasn’t expecting something this huge and crazy (they decorated like half the school).

Sigh. Really wish I took some pictures. I’m usually not a big fan of photos (at least not of humans =P), but it was just too crazy. And I don’t wanna steal photos, too.

btw, have you seen water (melted ice) on milk? it’s pretty =P

4 thoughts on “Dinner & Dance and Dry After Grad”

  1. who will drive in that “early” hours?

    the ball seemed to be very nice that i realli want to have one…

    haha, you will be a big fan of photos if you have a very nice camera i think. go get one XD

  2. i’m glad you had an awesome night. cuz i did too. i too feel appreciative towards all those ppl that helped made this even happen.
    lastly i wanna thank you for being such a good friend in these past five years. it was more than awesome to have known you.
    thanks >!!

  3. hey the after grad made up for that over $100 dinner which clearly didn’t cost over $100 a person
    but over all sweet gig. ya posting here after i came back from work hehe 2 in the morning driving is nothing. i did that with out my license the key is to drive slow and turn away when u see flashing lights. XD

  4. haha true.

    Dinner was way overpriced. I wouldn’t say the food is bad, but it’s just several times overpriced.

    wow. where do you work? till 2?
    I don’t usually sleep this late even. I’m sleeping late cus going back to taiwan soon. pre-jetlag adjustment haha.

    I thought the police would be in bed by 2.

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