Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t It Beautiful?)

Suteki Da Ne (Isn’t It Beautiful?) from Final Fantasy X

IIRC it’s a tribute to Yuna played at the Moonlake(?) thing. Maybe the ending, too.

kaze ga yoseta kotoba ni
oyoida kokoro
kumo ga hakobu ashita ni
hazunda koe
The wind, like a heart that swam in the accumulated words
The clouds, a voice that was shot into the holding future
tsuki ga yureru kagami ni
furueta kokoro
hoshi ga nagare koboreta
yawarakai namida
The moon, a shaking heart in an unsteady mirror
The stars, gentle tears in an overflowing stream
suteki da ne
futari te wo tori aruketa nara
ikitai yo
KIMI no machi ie ude no naka
Isn’t it beautiful, to walk together in each others hands
I do so want to go,
To your city, your house, into your arms.
sono mune
karada azuke
yoi ni magire
That heart,
held within your body
In those confusing nights
I dream
kaze wa tomari kotoba wa
yasashii maboroshi
kumo wa yabure ashita wa
tooku no koe
The wind, its halting words are a gentle illusion
The clouds, the broken future like a distant voice
tsuki ga nijimu kagami wo
nagareta kokoro
hoshi ga yurete koboreta
kakusenai namida
The moon, a heart flowing in the clouded mirror
The stars, broken and swaying, like tears unable to be hidden.
suteki da ne
futari te wo tori aruketa nara
ikitai yo
KIMI no machi ie ude no naka
Isn’t it beautiful, to walk together in each others hands
I do so want to go,
To your city, your house, into your arms.
sono kao
sotto furete
asa ni tokeru
That face,
A soft touch,
Dissolving into morning,
I dream.

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University Monopoly = Big Money

As we all know, monopoly is bad.

I just looked at the breakdown of my $3300 tuition and student fees for 2008 winter session @ UBC out of curiosity.

Guess what I found?

$3 Sexual Assault Fund (does that mean I get to go sexually assault someone once I pay this fee?)
$88 Upass
$5 Ubyssey Publication Fee (apparently a UBC newsletter)
$12 Student Aid Bursary Fund
among other things

Never knew doing business is that easy – just list all the money you want, and people will have to pay them.

IMHO, Upass included in student fees ($88×2 for two sessions) is ridiculous. What if I won’t be taking the bus? Why am I paying as much as people who take it 10 times a day? I am a big fan of users-pay-ism.

And all those forced “donations” too.

Okay I will quit complaining and pay whatever they say. I don’t get a choice do I?

Dinner & Dance and Dry After Grad

Was going to make this post right after the events, but it was 5:30am when I got home… so yeah (good thing there weren’t many cars on the road when I drove home… would’ve crashed into a few. too sleepy haha) =P

Dinner & dance at Four Seasons hotel was okay. We did get fed with pretty decent food, but flashy lights and ear-crackingly loud “music” (using the term loosely here) is just not my thing :-). Chatted with my friends outside the ballroom till the end of the dance @ midnight. Oh. Did I mention beautiful girls? =P Some were pretty ghostly with all the makeup, but the majority were gorgeous =). The ice sculpture thing was pretty cool, too. Will steal a pic or two from someones facebook if and when they come up =P

30 mins of sleepy bus ride took us back to the school for the Dry after grad party. That, on the other hand, was awesome. The “hired security” =P (couldn’t resist haha… should have started a riot or something, so the money wouldn’t go into waste), the professional looking decorations and lighting (must have taken hundreds of man-hours), and all those fun games. We started with a round of black jack (first time in my life =P), then went on to the smacking game (two people smacking each other with a huge stick), and then DDR machine that we tried to beat (the easy level) with 4 ppl on the 4 directions… didn’t work =P. We got fed there too – pizzas, sushi, watermelon (had a ton =P)… there were other things like caricature and spray tattoos (whatever they are called) that we didn’t try. Looked like fun, though.

We had prize draws of things donated by parents. Someone apparently got a Wii, and I ONLY got a noise-cancelling headphone but hey… that’s a humongous ONLY =P. I guess that’s one nice thing about being in a school with dedicated (and possibly rich =P) parents.

Nice conclusion of our 5 years of highschool :).

Here’s my big fat THANKS for the parents and volunteers. (although my appreciation will probably never get to them…) For a mere $40 (or whatever it costed us), I wasn’t expecting something this huge and crazy (they decorated like half the school).

Sigh. Really wish I took some pictures. I’m usually not a big fan of photos (at least not of humans =P), but it was just too crazy. And I don’t wanna steal photos, too.

btw, have you seen water (melted ice) on milk? it’s pretty =P